Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Fair 2014

Friday 12th December was one busy day (again) for Ainthorpe Primary School.

Firstly, the whole school joined in with many other schools celebrating Christmas Jumper Day. This is the second time that the school has supported this to raise money for Save the Children. Altogether we raised over £150 and I'm sure you'll agree that they all look amazing in their Christmas jumpers!

All of our children looking very festive! 

As well as this, we had two visitors in our celebration assembly. Mike and Charles (a former pupil of Ainthorpe!) came to hand over the winnings from the Badger Set Enterprise Challenge. Mike gave us a cheque for £800 and announced that we came second overall in the competition, only narrowly being beaten by an aspiring entrepreneur aged 22! Charles also gave the school some money (in memory of his father who also attended Ainthorpe in the 1930's) along with an extra £100 - a grand total of £1120 has been donated by Hull Youth Enterprise to help us to create our book! 

Our representatives receiving their enterprising money!

Finally, it was our second annual Christmas Fayre. Mrs Britton and her class organised the event which had to be spread over the two halls! It was a very busy few hours with many parents, family members and former pupils attending. 


Just a few pictures of the very busy event!

Last year we managed to raise over £750. This year we beat the total - £1150!! This money is being saved to help us to buy a new stage when we move into our new building! Many thanks to everyone who attended - see you next year! 

Friday, 21 November 2014

An enterprising week

What an enterprising week it has been at Ainthorpe this week.

We started off on Friday 14th November as usual with our Cosy Cafe. However, this week it had been extended - all for Children in Need. Special Pudsey cornflake buns were sold in the cafe as well as to our KS2 children. All of the proceeds went to the charity and altogether this raised over £60 - added to the £230 we raised from the non-uniform day.

This week also saw the final of the Badger Sett Enterprise award. Our six budding entrepreneurs (Ryan, Lennon, Grace, Macey, Sophie and Mary) had already secured us £600 funding to create a book showing the history of the 80 years of the school and winning the Primary section of the challenge.

However, the final saw the children compete against children from secondary and further education to see who would be the overall winner. Another trip to The Guildhall along with all of the information as to why they wanted to make the book. Fifteen minutes of waiting outside for Mr Davy whilst the children were grilled by Ruth Badger and a panel of judges. The children received a round of applause from the panel following their presentation.
 Practicing before being grilled! 
Still smiling after the event! 

Unfortunately, the children didn't win the overall competition, but are still very enthusiastic about gathering all of the information that is needed to make the book. We will keep you updated with the progress. 

Finally, the Global Enterprise Awards on Friday night. Mrs Gladwin and Mrs Davy (our Enterprise Co-ordinator) attended The Guildhall for the awards ceremony. They were nominated for two awards - the most enterprising primary school and the best newcomer in education award. Ainthorpe won the award for the best newcomer in education, highlighting the many enterprising activities that the school had completed over the past 12 months. An amazing end to an amazing week! 


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Amazing Enterprise Success

What an amazing week! 

Just before half term Ryan, Grace, Macey, Sophie, Lennon and Mary met with Mr Davy to think about an enterprising idea in order to apply for a grant through the Hull Badger Enterprise Challenge. 

Initially, the children thought about completing a display showing the history of the school (as it is the 80th birthday this year). This idea developed further and moved into a magazine with photos and memories from the 80 years of the school - then it finally hit...A book!

An application form was completed highlighting the ideas and emailed off. A few days later, during the half term holidays, Mr Davy received an email inviting the children to share their idea with a panel of judges, aiming to receive a grant of up to £500. They would compete against a number of different primary schools who were also sharing their ideas. 

With only two days to get their ideas together, the children worked very hard to ensure that they told the judges about their idea, how they would complete it and the skills that they would need. As well as working with Mr Davy in the afternoon, the children continued developing their ideas at home. 

On Wednesday morning, the children practiced their pitch for the first time. They spoke with enthusiasm and confidence, showing Mr Davy how passionate they are about the project. Then the time came for the trip to The Guildhall. 

The children outside The Guildhall before their presentation

In The Tapestry Room minutes before facing the judges.

Mr Davy's view whilst the children were inside...

During the presentation, the children had to face the judges alone. The four people on the panel (including Ruth Badger) listened to the pitch as well as asking different questions to find out more information about their ideas. 

Another person on the panel was a man called Charles, a former pupil of Ainthorpe, who gave the children some information to start their project off! 

The children came out feeling happy, eager to tell Mr Davy about their experience. 

Then the wait...The news came through on Twitter later that evening.

The following day, Mr Davy gathered the children together (along with Mrs Gladwin and Mrs Davy, our enterprise co-ordinator) to break the news. The school had won the primary competition and been granted £400 towards their project. 

However, more news came through on Friday morning which was announced by Mrs Davy in our celebration assembly. The children received a special certificate whilst being told that a further £200 funding had been donated from Hull Youth Enterprise via @enttruth. The children were literally gobsmacked at the news and couldn't believe it! 

Now, the children will visit The Guildhall again to compete against children from the Secondary and 16-24 categories. The children will also be working hard to write letters and collect information. We will keep you posted on the progress! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A fantastic afternoon of football.

A Fantastic Afternoon of Football

The Yr3 and Yr3/4 classes have completed a sequence of football lessons with support from the PE Mentor to enable them to develop skills and understanding of invasion games.

The sessions then lead to an intra- competition through the use of various football related games. Each class was split into 6 teams of similar ability to ensure all pupils were engaged as they were always playing against pupils with similar experience.

This resulted in an afternoon of closely fought mini games through the use of Goal Ball, and 5 a side matches. Children of all abilities demonstrated the ability to apply the taught skills well. Children passed, shot, tackled and dribbled with great skill and technique. Teams also decided their positions to ensure attacking and defending were covered.

Young Leaders from Year 5 helped the children along with further coaching and advice, along with organising and officiating games.

The children were not deterred by the poor weather, as every child competed to the best of their ability to try and score points for their class in all events. The games were fast paced and end to end, with lots of noise from peers as they cheered on their team mates.

Mrs Alston’s class were the overall victors in the 5 a Side league, but Mrs Alam’s class were the victors in the Goal Ball League, with her ‘Team 6’ being the individual team winners. It had been close all afternoon, and the important overall score was 24 points each.

This had to be decided with a penalty shoot-out! Two very brave boys stepped forward with the responsibility to try and score past the Year 5 Young Leader. Everyone looked on in anticipation as both pupils had their first penalty saved. Eventually it was Mrs Alam’s representative who scored to secure the win for Mrs Alam’s class. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon as a result of the effort and behaviour of all the pupils involved. It also demonstrated how important physical education is regarded at Ainthorpe Primary in ensuring all pupils reach their full potential; academically, socially and emotionally.

Well done and thank you to all involved.